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Candidates & Seminary Students

Candidacy is one of the first declarations that one can make in the United Methodist Church as they are exploring their call to ministry.  During the candidacy journey, candidates explore with a mentor, participate in discernment events like the Summit and contribute to their file for the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. Below you will find information for various stages along the journey: Exploring Candidacy, Becoming a Certified Candidate and Seeking Provisional Membership once certified.

Exploring Candidates
Wondering if you are being called? Watch this short video on “Is God Calling Me?” click here.  
Exploring Ministry Events   
Calling 21 Intern Program
Candidacy Summits
United Methodist Glossary of Terms (pdf)

Becoming a Certified Candidate
Becoming a Certified Candidate (pdf)
Candidate Information & Forms   
Candidacy Summits  are two day events. If you have questions, or are interested in more resources, about the Candidacy journey, ministry in the Conference, and/or
Seminary Student Information, contact the Rev. Jessie Colwell, Director of the Center for Clergy Excellence: [email protected] or (804) 521-1140.

Seeking Provisional Membership 
Certified Candidates and Local Pastors Seeking Provisional Membership  
Informal Advisory Volunteers (Word)
Educational Requirements for Provisional Membership (Word)

Please address specific questions about your application to the Rev. Jessie Colwell, the Director of the Center for Clergy Excellence, who serves as the BOM Registrar at [email protected]

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