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Early Response Team

Definition of a Disaster

  • Overwhelming physical, economic, and/or emotional damage
  • Harm to people and property
  • Disrupts normal pattern of living
  • Can overwhelm a community
  • May affect individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, regions

Types of Disasters

  • Natural disasters
  • Technical disasters
  • Economic disasters
  • Civil disasters
  • Accidents
  • Other

Primary support provided by:


– Helps volunteers connect to needs


– Provides:
  • Funding
  • Training
  • Relief Supplies
  • Mentors

Training Opportunities

The Virginia Conference Disaster Response Committee invites members of the Conference to prepare and train to be part of future ERT (Early Response Team) Training. Early Response Teams respond during the first phase of disaster relief, providing a Christian presence. Your church and community could also be faced with a disaster. Train to be ready to respond and know the first steps to help.

More ERT Training Opportunities TBA.

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