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United Methodist Men

The primary purpose of United Methodist Men is to declare the centrality of Christ in the lives of men and in all their relationships. Accordingly, Virginia Conference United Methodist Men works with the District organizations, in developing programs to meet the needs and interests of men of all ages.

For more information about United Methodist Men in the Virginia Conference, please contact Albert S. Weal Jr., president, at 757-677-6096 or


The United Methodist Men held a series of webinars in the summer of 2020. Please use the links below to view.

Contact information for Webinars:
Prison Ministries Andrew Kissell
Good News Jail: Johnnie Draughon
Kairos Prison: John Cole
All God’s Children Camp: Lori Smith
Prison Chaplains: Randy Myers
Disciple Bible Outreach: Gene Mims
Beacon Newsletter: Jon Simons
Conference Webmaster: Brenda Capen
Campus Ministry: Bret Gresham and Drew Ensz


Officers (pdf)
Vision, Values and Goals (pdf)
Related Agencies    
Beacon Newsletters and Notices  
Men in the Spirit flyer: See how UMM are changing lives around the conference (pdf)
Online Wearable Store   
Bylaws (pdf)

How are UMM Relevant?

How are the UMM helping to meet needs? (pdf)
Why do Men need a Ministry? (pdf)


Wesley Challenge Mentor Leader Guide
Using the Wesley Challenge and small groups our experienced disciples can become mentors. This link provides the training materials necessary for preparing mentors and helping new Christians become disciples. If you have any questions contact David Bean @
Mentor Guide (pdf)

Spiritual Advance 2019
PowerPoint Presentation 


Officers Duties

Major Responsibilities for… (All files are Word)
Vice President for Spiritual Life     
Vice President for Membership and Development      
Conference Secretary    
Conference Chaplain  
YoungER Men’s MInistry (YMM)

“I look on all the world as my parish; thus far I mean, that, in whatever part of it I am, I judge it meet, right, and my bounden duty, to declare unto all that are willing to hear, the glad tidings of salvation” — John Wesley

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