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Resources to help Afghan refugees

As the world witnesses the humanitarian crisis occurring in Afghanistan, the Virginia Conference is providing resources to help aid your understanding and ability to care for refugees. LEARN MORE

Resources to help Haiti in its effort to recover

As the world witnesses the humanitarian crisis occurring in Haiti after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that crippled an already vulnerable nation, the Virginia Conference is providing the resources to help efforts to assist the Haitian people. LEARN MORE…

Responding to Hurricane Ida, flooding in Tennessee

Any work related to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) will start only after all the first responders leave the area. There will be more specific calls to help in the coming weeks and months. We strongly advise against any self-deployment to these areas.  LEARN MORE

Video addresses FAQs about COVID vaccine

The Virginia Conference partnered with Virginia Department of Health and HCA Virginia to answer frequently asked questions about the COVID vaccine. Watch and share video

Post-COVID Re-entry Group (PRG)

Click here to see the newest information from the newly-formed PRG group

News from the conference, denomination

FAQs About The UMC and Boy Scouts. More…

PRG reminds congregations to remain vigilant on COVID-19 front. More…

Legal Expenses Oversight Workgroup shares report. More…

Facilities Use Agreement for Boy Scouts. More…

Bishop Lewis Names Scott Davis as Director of District and Cabinet Support. More…

From the Bishop: An update on the UMC and the Boy Scouts. More…


Bright Spots - Videos to Brighten Your Day!

Visit the Digital Hub menu  or visit the conference YouTube page to find a Bright Spot.

Join Church Communication Resource group

You are invited to join the Virginia Conference Resource Hub. This Facebook group has been created by the conference Board of Communications and the conference Communications Office with the goal of providing a space to share information and resources about various topics related to church communications, technology, discipleship, and more. This is a place where those who have questions and those with experience and answers can collaborate, assist, and equip one another. Join group:


Important Resource for Churches, Pastors

There are two new VAUMC podcasts. Both available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“The VAUMC Connection” is a series of standalone projects that will include news from the conference center, The Audio Advocate,  and a collection of resources shared by the Connectional Ministries Office. Available on Spotify and Apple.

“1000 Question Christian” is a weekly podcast where we ask clergy off-the-wall questions–anything from weird stories in the Bible to pastoral advice.  Available on Spotify and Apple.

You can also hear all the podcasts on the conference Digital Hub


Bishop's 2021 Bible Challenge

Bishop Lewis has shared the 2021 Bible Challenge – to read the Bible straight through from Genesis to Revelation.

A Call to Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Bishop Sharma Lewis issued a call to action against systemic racism, May 29, 2020. Please visit this page for updates on prayers, op-eds, action items, blogs, and videos. More…

Addressing Racism in the Virginia Conference

The Virginia Roots, Race, and Discipleship curriculum is a first step to address racism in the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Connect with conference staff

Connect with the staff to learn how to align with the conference vision or to learn more about how the conference is working to resource local churches in the Virginia Conference.
Connect now…

Virginia Conference Vision


“To be disciples of Jesus Christ who are lifelong learners who influence others to serve.”

Read below for how you can live out the vision this week. 


Discipleship Ministries has released ‘Courageous Conversation about Christian nationalism.’ Why have a Courageous Conversation about Christian nationalism? Let’s start by defining what we mean by the phrase, “Christian nationalism.” Nationalism can and should be distinguished from patriotism. They are not synonymous terms. (For example, supporting the military and saying the Pledge of Allegiance does not make a person a Christian nationalist.) Being a Christian who shows pride or supports his/her country of residence does not make that individual a Christian nationalist. Support for the nation where we reside is not wrong; in fact, Christians are commanded to pray for those in political leadership (Romans 13). Click here to visit Discipleship Ministries website and download the curriculum.

Learn more about living into this part of the vision with the Learning Ministries Office. 


What does evangelism look like during a pandemic? World Methodist Evangelism, which provides resources for the United Methodist Church and other Wesleyan traditions, provides insights into how to share the gospel.

Learn more about living into this part of the vision with the Influencing Ministries Office.


Is your church interested in hosting a cleaning and hygiene kit assembly event? 

There are ways to do it safely and efficiently. 

Central Virginia Mission Hub, is a ministry of the Charlottesville District, which is directly connected to Mission Central, where Annual Conference Kits are deposited. 

CVMH recently hosted an outdoor assembly event to pack 100 cleaning buckets and 154 hygiene kits. It was completed in a little over an hour. 

CVMH is willing to assist churches and districts to share their experience and know-how on how to successfully complete a packing event. Also, if you bring the kits to their trailer, they are willing to send them to Mission Central for distribution.

Learn more about living into this part of the vision with the Serving Ministries Office.