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Virginia Advocate Archives

Virginia United Methodist Advocate Archives

The Virginia United Methodist Advocate ceased publication in 2019. Digital copies from 2011 through 2019 are now offered free of charge for your reading enjoyment. All files are pdfs.


December: Songs of Advent & Christmas
November: Pausing to be grateful
October: Rediscover the Bible
September: Preparation in disaster recovery
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Campus Ministries
June: Preparation in disaster recovery
May: Recap of General Conference 2019
April: What is means to be “Easter people”
March: Preview of General Conference 2019
February: Examining heartbreak
January: Encouraging Renewal


December: Christmas memories
November: Cooperative Parishes
October: Investigating a ‘call’ to ministry
September: Technology in Local Churches
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Meet the conference staff
June: Social justice ministries
May: Boomer Ministries
April: Ministries of administrative professionals
March: Ministering to those with Mental Illness
February: Celebrating Heart Havens
January: Disability awareness


December: Local Pastors
November: Service of Missionaries
October: Preserving Church History
September: Music in Worship
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Redefining Church
June: Church Planters
May: Local Church Communicators
April: Rolling out the welcome mat
March: Social and Spiritual Roots
February: Creating works of love
January: Acts of Service in Schools


December: Support groups
November: Ministry as a second career
October: Church leader burnout
September: New faith communities
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: General Conference wrap up
June: Developing Christian leaders
May: Creation care
April: Order of deacon
March: Global health
February: Self-care
January: Focus on poverty


December: Advent tradition
November: Lives of service
October: Prayer
September: Sunday school
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Discipleship Circles
June: Annual Conference preview
May: Aging and dying
April: Heeding God’s call
March: Mental health issues
February: Mission Man Sam NeSmith
January: Human sexuality issues


December: Keeping Christ in Christmas
November: Attracting new people
October: Imagine No Malaria
September: Children’s ministry
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: What draws people to your church?
June: What our church does well
May: Our Wesley heritage
April: Kip and Nancy Robinson in Sierra Leone
March: Lent
February: Human trafficking
January: UMCOR in the Philippines


December: Deaconesses & Home Missioners
November: AIDS
October: Equipping Vital Congregations
September: Helping inmates re-enter society
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Learning from megachurches
June: Young leaders for the church
May: Ethnic church starts
April: What it means to be United Methodist
March: Cambodia: our new partner
February: Equipping Vital Congregations
January: Lay person as servant


December: Be glad and rejoice
November: Five new conference initiatives
October: Using the web wisely
September: Introducing Bishop Young Jin Cho
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: Bishop Kammerer looks to the future
June: General Conference 2012
May: Scouting
April: 2012 General Conference
March: Debating homosexuality
February: Vital Congregations
January: Accessibility


December: Gifts of the Spirit
November: Showing gratitude to God
October: When disaster strikes
September: Anniversary of 9/11
August: Annual Conference wrap up
July: United Methodist revitalization
June: Celebrating success stories
May: Conference leadership
April: Reaching those in need
March: Stewardship
February: Church and school partnerships
January: Young adult ministry

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