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Clergy Development

Purpose of the Program
Clergy Development is an effort to promote and support lifelong learning. Using Ministerial Education Funds, grants are awarded to cover a portion of the cost of registration, lodging, and meals for learning experiences selected by the Clergy Development Committee. The participant is responsible for travel costs, materials, time, and full participation in the event. 

Application Process
The Learning Experiences brochure is designed to give an overview of agencies and experiences approved for funding through the Clergy Development program. Applicants are welcome to apply for funding toward other learning experiences by submitting additional information with their funding application. 

Learning Experiences Brochure (pdf)
Characteristics of Effective Clergy (Word)
Funding Application for Continuing Education and Clergy Development   
Evaluation of Learning 

Application deadlines for this year:
October 1, 2020 with notification by November 1
January 1, 2021 with notification by February 1
April 1, 2021, with notification by May 1
July 1, 2021 with notification by August 1

For counseling and spiritual-direction services, please also consider the Ministerial Family Counseling Program 

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