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Clergy Development

Purpose of the Program
Clergy Development is an effort to promote and support lifelong learning. Using Ministerial Education Funds, grants are awarded to cover a portion of the cost of registration, lodging, and meals for learning experiences selected by the Clergy Development Committee. The participant is responsible for travel costs, materials, time, and full participation in the event. 

Application Process
The Learning Experiences brochure is designed to give an overview of agencies and experiences approved for funding through the Clergy Development program. Applicants are welcome to apply for funding toward other learning experiences by submitting additional information with their funding application. 

Learning Experiences Brochure (pdf)
Characteristics of Effective Clergy (Word)
Evaluation of Learning 

Application deadlines for this year:
January 1, 2024 with notification by February 1
April 1, 2024, with notification by May 1
July 1, 2024 with notification by August 1

For counseling and spiritual-direction services, please also consider the Ministerial Family Counseling Program 

Continuing Education and Clergy Development Fund

Each year all active clergy in the VAUMC (not including retired clergy) are eligible to apply for continuing education and Clergy Development Funding. Read the descriptions below to see where you should apply for funding. Email Jessie Colwell at [email protected] for additional questions.

Continuing Education Funds
Continuing Education Funds come from local congregations through the Ministerial Education Fund apportionment. Applicants are received and awarded on a rolling basis. Clergy members can only apply one time a year for these funds (July 1-July 1). A minimum of 0.5 C.E.U.’s or its equivalent must be available at the event, coaching opportunity, pilgrimage, DMin class etc. in order for clergy to be eligible to receive these funds.

$200 (if you make more than $50,000 a year) or $400 (if you make less than $50,000 a year) are available annually for clergy to continue their education.

To apply for Continuing Education Funds go here.

Sometimes, clergy have a need of funds over Continuing Education funds to pursue additional education and clergy development opportunities. In these situations, clergy are eligible to apply for a Clergy Development Grant. It is possible to apply for both Continuing Education funds and Clergy Development funds, but the two different applications will need to be completed.

Clergy Development Funds
Clergy Development Grants come from local congregations through the Ministerial Education Fund apportionment. Applications are received quarterly (October 1, 2022, January 1, 2023, April 1, 2023, and July 1, 2023). Clergy members request grants for continuing education and development beyond the scope of what is available in Continuing Education Funds. Grant requests range from $400-$3,000. The selection committee for these grants if the Clergy Effectiveness Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Selections and disbursements occur one month after applications are due. Applicants are notified by the Center for Clergy Excellence. Clergy are eligible to apply for these funds annually (July 1-July 1).

Additional requirements to apply for this grant is:
1) A recommendation from your District Superintendent
2) A recommendation from your SPRC/PPR Chair or Supervisor (if the applicant is in extension ministry)
Both of these recommendations can be sent to the respective people above using this link:

These funds are not available for those completing doctorates or those completing classes for seminary degree.

To apply for a Clergy Development Grant go here.

Creating A Culture of Renewal Cohort

Clergy of the VAUMC are invited to participate in Creating A Culture of Renewal Cohort: A three-year process of adaptive leadership development and spiritual formation, this cohort program empowers church leaders and the congregations they serve by interrupting church decline and accelerating church vitality.

There is an Early Bird Registration Discount for all who apply prior to the end of June 30. An informational session will take place on Wednesday, June 1, 1:00 p.m. via zoom:

A cohort of 8-12 individual leaders journey together through three years (three tracks) of in-depth online learning. Groups can include clergy and laity, as well as District, Conference, Presbytery, Diocese, or Judicatory leaders, or other faith-based leaders.

Click here to view the overview file (pdf)

Registration link

Virginia participants use discount code: VACCR
Questions? Email Jamie Snively at [email protected]

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