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Board of Ordained Ministry

The Board of Ordained Ministry will enable disciples of Jesus Christ to become effective clergy, diaconal ministers, and certified lay professionals. To this end, the Board assists these persons in the areas of call, development and collegial support.

Board of Ordained Ministry Membership (pdf)
Board of Ordained Ministry Executive Committee (pdf)
Board of Ordained Ministry Member Resources  

The Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry is responsible for supporting persons who respond to God’s call to professional ministry as an elder in full connection, deacon in full connection, associate member, licensed local pastor, diaconal minister, or certified professional in Christian education, music, youth, evangelism, camping/retreat ministries, spiritual formation and older adult ministry.

The Board, working with district Committees on Ordained Ministry, reviews the educational and personal qualifications of candidates, including personal interviews, through each step of the candidacy process, from certified candidacy to ordination or licensing. The Board then makes a recommendation to the Clergy Session. It also reviews and makes recommendations on all changes in Conference Relationship. The Board works collaboratively with the Cabinet in a number of areas to assist in advancing the vision of the Virginia Conference.

For more information, contact the Chair:   
The Rev. Tammy Estep
Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 999-7413
[email protected]

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