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Clergy Excellence Candicacy Forms

Greetings! Below you will find forms that are necessary in your journey toward certification, licensing, and ordination in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Page Organization

The documents and links have been organized according to the stages of credentialing in our conference. Please bookmark this page so you can refer to it as you travel through the processes for certification as a lay minister and/or candidate toward ordination.

For Candidates seeking to Admitted, Certified, or Licensed status:

Please note, your paperwork is due two weeks prior to the schedule date of your interview for any stage.

This is to allow your dCOM time to absorb the material you have submitted and to give them the fullest understanding of you as a candidate.

Scroll down for forms and applications. A good rule of thumb is to complete forms first and then fill out the final application once all paperwork is complete.

When you submit the form for your district to become – Admitted, Certified, or Licensed – it is automatically sent to your dCOM chair and registrar.

There is no harm in following up to ensure they have received it. A list of dCOM officers can be found here:

For Candidates seeking Provisional Membership:

The Board of Ordained Ministry receives applications for Provisional Membership annually between July 1 and August 15.

When you have decided to apply for provisional membership, you need to let two key groups know about this decision by August 15

1) The Center for Clergy Excellence – fill out the on-line application below.

2) The Chair of your District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) – to schedule an interview to receive their recommendation for provisional membership.

Your request for an interview should be confirmed by the Chair no later than August 15.

You need to have your interview with them completed no later than October 1—the earlier the better.

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