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License Renewal for Persons on Minute Question 16 (MQ16)

Licensed Local Pastors who are on Minute Question 16 are characterized as those persons “who have completed the studies for the license as a local pastor, are approved, but are not now appointed”. In order to maintain this status Licensed Local Pastors must meet with the District Committee. Additionally, a 3/4 vote of approval is required by the clergy session of the annual conference.

The Board of Ordained Ministry recognizes that there are times when a break from one’s current ministry is required. However, it should be noted that Minute Question 16 is intended to be a temporary status with an expectation that one will return to a licensed ministry of some kind, be it in a local congregation or in an extension ministry, within a few years.

Please click your district below to find the corresponding application for License Renewal for Persons on Minute Question 16. Fill out the application by following the prompts. Once you hit the “submit” button, your application will be sent directly to your dCOM chair as well as your district superintendent. Your dCOM Chair will reach out to you to schedule an interview.

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