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Local Pastors and Associate Members

Local Pastor Resources
Local Pastor Handbook (pdf)
Guidelines for Continued Theological Education (after seminary and Course of Study)
Licensed Local Pastors and Weddings (pdf)
Local Pastors and the Walk to Emmaus (Word)

Clergy Mentor Resources
Responsibilities of Clergy Mentor for local pastors (Word)
VAUMC Clergy Mentor Group Timeline and Resources (Word)
Mentor Group Report 
(web form)
Clergy Mentoring Manual (GBHEM) (pdf)

Course of Study Information and Resources
Course of Study Book Listing (pdf)|
Course of Study Courses (pdf)
Course of Study Enrollment and Scholarship Form
For financial assistance of ACOS courses, please use the basic Course of Study Scholarship and Enrollment form above. 
Attention Duke and Wesley Students: Read carefully the instructions on the school’s site for completing your registration online. Your Local Pastor Registrar is the Rev. Crystal R. Sygeel. ( – Not Your DCOM Chair. Once you have received your registration confirmation from the school, please forward it and your completed  Virginia Enrollment form – found above – to
NEW Online enrollment from Wesley Seminary: 

To enroll for courses outside of Duke or Wesley seminaries, please complete the above enrollment form and contact for further information.

Provisional Membership and Associate Membership Information and Resources
Educational Requirements for Provisional Membership (Word)
Local Pastors Seeking Provisional or Associate Membership  

The Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members
The following is the purpose statement for the Fellowship:  
The purpose of the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members is to provide support, love and encouragement to each other through the encouragement of self-care and spiritual growth, and to create a sense of unity and fellowship. The Fellowship will serve all local pastors and the Board of Ordained Ministry as an advisory/resource group on issues and needs of local pastors and associate members. It will serve as a voice for local pastors in the Virginia Conference, will sponsor retreat time, and encourage small group participation with elders and associate members on the district level.
The Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members has a steering committee with officers elected by the Fellowship. The steering committee includes local pastors from all geographic regions in the Conference and includes the local pastors serving as non-voting members on the Board of Ordained Ministry
Guidelines for Officers of the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members 
1. Officers are elected at the beginning of the quadrennium and may service up to two quadrennia. 
2. Officers must be licensed local pastors or associate members 
3. Officers should represent all geographical areas of the conference. 
4. If an office is vacated at any time during the quadrennium, the Executive Committee of the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members fills the vacancy with someone from that geographical area. 
5. The chair of the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members shall appoint a nominating committee to select the officers.
Steering Comm. for Fellowship of LPs & AMs (pdf)

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