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Conference Relations Committee

The Conference Relations Committee (CRC) of the Board of Ordained Ministry receives requests for personal and family leave of absence, transitional leave, honorable and administrative location, retirement, reinstatement, or other matters referred to them. When requesting a change in conference relationship, email the Rev. Jessie Colwell in at [email protected], with a copy to your District Superintendent and the Bishop.

Maternity or Paternity Leave (pdf)
Non-Appointed Clergy Report (Online Form)
Non-Appointed Clergy Report (pdf)
Leave of Absence Report Form (pdf)
Clergy Medical Leave   
Clergy Retirement
Honorable Location Charge Conference Consent  (pdf) 
Administrative Location Charge Conference Consent (pdf)    

Clergy members currently on leave of absence are required to stay in connection with the Board of Ordained Ministry in two ways.

First, the “Non-appointed Clergy Report Form” can be found in your EVC account and should be submitted as part of the annual Charge Conference materials due by January 15; the BOM will receive a copy through EVC. If you choose to use the PDF form on this webpage, you will need to submit a copy to both your charge conference and a copy to the Board of Ordained Ministry via [email protected].

The second report is the “Leave of Absence Report Form” found on this webpage. If you are asking for a renewal of your leave, indicate as such on the form and include a cover letter of explanation. If you are requesting an end to your leave of absence, indicate as such on the form and include a cover letter of explanation. This letter and form are required by the Board of Ordained Ministry, according to ¶353 of the 2016 Discipline of the United Methodist Church. The Leave of Absence Report Form and letter must be received by January 15, annually.

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