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Extension Ministries

As an appointed deacon, or provisional deacon, serving beyond the local church, please see the information found on the Order of Deacon web page.

Annual Reports
As an appointed elder, provisional elder, or local pastor to an extension ministry in the Virginia Conference, the Discipline requires annual reporting on the official report form to your local church charge conference, the Bishop, and the Board of Ordained Ministry.  All Extension Ministry annual report forms are due to the Center for Clergy Excellence by January 15 of each year.  The Center will forward your report to the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Bishop.  You are responsible for submitting your report to your local church charge conference.  

The Virginia Conference has moved to digital submission of all charge conference report forms, automatically filling in contact information you have previously entered and sending the report to all who should receive a copy*. Go to to login or for assistance with this program, send an email to

If you cannot use EVC, you may request a paper copy of the form from the Center for Remember to mail a copy of this form to all those persons or agencies listed at the bottom of the form.

* If your ministry setting is outside the VA Conference, you will need to send a printed copy to the Bishop of that area.

*If you are endorsed by the UM Endorsing Agency, you will need to send a printed copy to the UMEA at PO Box 340007, Nashville, TN 37203-0007.

Requests for New Extension Ministry Appointments
If you are requesting a new extension ministry appointment (elders and local pastors) contact your District Superintendent and the Center for Clergy Excellence. Click on the appropriate link below for details.
Extension Ministry Appointments – Elders, Associate Members, Provisional Elders and Licensed Local Pastors

“Endorsement is the process established by the church to ensure clergy possess the skills, capabilities, and are appropriate representatives of the denomination to serve in specialized ministries.”

Learn more about what Endorsement means for prison, military, hospital and other institutional chaplaincy ministries and how United Methodist clergy would apply for Endorsement through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

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