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DCOM Resources

Resources for the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (dCOM*)

*please note General Board of Ordained Ministry uses a lower case “d” in the notation for the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. The VAUMC uses “dCOM” to reflect the denominational notation.

dCOM Resources

DCOM Handbook (pdf)
Behavioral Health Guidelines (pdf)
Master Checklist for Candidates Phases I-III: To ensure candidates have submitted all that’s required for Admitted and Certified Candidacy, as well as Licensing, you can use this master checklist.
Interview Notes (Word)


DCOM Minute Narratives for Candidates: Click here to visit page

dCOM Membership

dCOM Membership
For denominational information on the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, including membership and responsibilities, please visit here
DCOM Officers and Members 2023-2024 (pdf)

Tools for Understanding Educational Requirements

Educational Requirements Worksheet
Seminaries approved by the University Senate (webpage)
Course of Study Book Listing (pdf)


Candidacy Mentor Resources (webpage)
Clergy Mentor Resources (webpage)
District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) Forms

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