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DCOM Resources

District Committee on Ordained Ministry Resources

General Resources
Becoming a Certified Candidate for Licensed or Ordained Ministry (pdf)
Behavioral Health Guidelines (pdf)
Certified Lay Minister Application – Those interested in becoming a CLM should contact their DCOM Chair and be set up with a UMCARES account, following the parallel procedure as for an inquiring candidate for ministry. 
Course of Study Book Listing (pdf)
DCOM Officers and Members 2022-2023 (pdf)
DCOM Handbook (pdf) 
DCOM Minute Narratives for Candidates: Click here to visit page
DCOM Training Ideas (pdf)
Interview Notes (Word)
Ministry Review for Certified Lay Minister (See UMCARES step for instructions) (Word)
Seminaries approved by the University Senate (webpage)
UMCARES Instructions and Resources   

Candidacy Mentor Resources
Group Candidacy Mentors (pdf) Updated as of the date on the report
Group Mentoring (PowerPoint)
Candidacy Mentor Resources (webpage)

Clergy Mentor Resources
Responsibilities of Clergy Mentor for local pastors (Word)      
VAUMC Clergy Mentor Group Timeline and Resources (Word)    
Mentor Group Report (web form)   
Clergy Mentoring Manual (GBHEM) (pdf)  

District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) Forms

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