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Phase IIIc: License Renewal for Persons Serving in Extension Ministry

In the United Methodist Church, ordained elders and deacons can be appointed to extension ministry (¶344.1). In recent years, the Virginia Conference has seen an increase in the number of Licensed Local Pastors who serve extension ministry, primarily as mental health professionals and chaplains. As with all Licensed Local Pastors, these persons are required to renew their license annually with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry.

License Renewal for Local Pastors Serving Beyond the Local Church

In order to provide an appropriate path to license renewal an application has been created which is designed to reflect the context of persons serving in extension ministry.

If you are serving beyond the local church as a licensed local pastor, please click on the corresponding link to your district and follow the prompts. When you submit the application, it will go directly to your District Committee on Ordained Ministry for review. Your dCOM chair will contact you for an interview.

Requirements for Licensing Renewal

LLP’s in extension ministry seeking to renew their license must

  • Respond to a series of questions related to Extension Ministry Appointment
  • Upload the annual evaluation from your immediate Supervisor
  • Obtain the Recommendation from your District Superintendent
  • Report on Educational progress
  • Confirming participation either in a Licensed Local Pastor Mentoring Group or in a Peer Covenant Group- if you need assistance scroll down
  • Describe the times and places you have administered the sacrament
  • Share the things that having a license in the United Methodist Church enables you to do in your context
  • Sign the License Management Agreement

Applications by District

Coastal Virginia

Living Waters

Mission Rivers

Mountain View

Northern Virginia

Three Notch’d

Shenandoah River

Valley Ridge

Mentoring Groups for Licensed Local Pastors

Licensed Local Pastors who are:

  • In the first three years of being credentialed,
  • who have NOT finished their MDiv. or their Course of Study

are required by the Book of Discipline to be in a Mentoring Group. If you are in either of these categories and are not currently in a group, please contact the [email protected] for placement.

Support for Licensed Local Pastors in Extension Ministry

Clergy serving in extension ministry can sometimes feel distant from “the connection’. The Fellowship of Associate Members and Licensed Local Pastors hosts events each year which provide support, continuing education and fellowship for Licensed Local Pastors. Please contact Fellowship Chair [email protected] to learn about ways you can stay connected.

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