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Large Church Lead Pastors

Improving the Quality of your Virtual Worship Webinar, June 10

Large Church Leadership Team Presents
Improving the Quality of Your Virtual Worship
A webinar on what equipment and video editing software you need plus best practices & lessons learned
Presenter: Mark Ritter, Media Engineer for the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, and Amazing Volunteer at Reveille UMC
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Disciple-Making in a Digital Age: How to Leverage Online Tools to Build Community and Make Disciples, June 24

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The pandemic has taken away the spaces and pathways we have used to make disciples and it has also interrupted the simple, un-programmed moments that foster community (which is essential to disciple-making) in our churches. But by using online tools, you can bring people together to build trust, collaborate, have fun, and most importantly, to make disciples. This webinar will introduce a discipleship framework leading to mission that will thrive in any season. It will also incorporate the key elements to forming online communities and the practical tools to get started on both.
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