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Information Technology

The Virginia Conference Information Technology staff provides support to the Virginia Conference Center.   This support includes installation, maintenance on computer related devices and servers used in the business of the conference.

IT staff advise district offices on office software and hardware purchases.  The staff is involved in the Equipping Vital Congregation System, and Great Plains databases and related software programs used by the Virginia Conference. 

Due to limitations of number of staff and time availability, Virginia Conference Information Technology staff is only able to provide assistance with maintenance, repairs or support for technology resources used within the Conference Center and District Offices.

Church Software

From time to time, the IT Department receives questions from local church pastors, staff, treasurers or secretaries about computer software for local churches.   The IT Staff do not recommend specific software due to the wide range of church system requirements. 

 Software/Hardware Information

There are several programs the United Methodist Church has set up to help stretch church contribution dollars. Some programs have restrictions. Overviews and links to the programs are listed below. Information on this page is offered for information only. The conference is not in the position to provide customer support on commercial computer products.

The Virginia Conference has an Employee Purchase Program open to Virginia Conference Church and Agency employees. Information on the Dell EPP Program information can be reached at 1-800-934-1652. The Va Conference EPP Code PS19689998

Manager of Technology: Bryan Compton, (804) 521-1115

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