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Digital Hub

Welcome to the Virginia Conference Digital Hub! Here you can access resources to aid your local church ministry. Use the arrows or buttons below to navigate through the many and varied resources available to you.

Facebook Resource Hub

This Facebook group has been created by the conference Board of Communications and the conference Communications Office with the goal of providing a space to share information and resources about various topics related to church communications, technology, discipleship, and more.


In this video, learn how to forward email from one mailbox to another.

Conference Podcasts

Listen to VAUMC podcasts available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Bright Spots

Videos to brighten your day

Subscribe to Newsletters

Newsletters offered by the Virginia Conference

Post-Pandemic Digital Presence

Explore digital ministry resources from different areas.

Logo Library

Logos used by the Virginia Conference. Includes cross and flame informaiton

Self-Filming Best Practices

Steps and suggestions to assist you in filming yourself using your phone, iPad, tablet or computer.

Media Library

Need photos for your social media or marketing campaigns? Access a number of pictures with United Methodist Communications Media Library

Diversity Kitchen

Diversity Kitchen is a video series created in the hope that by brings people of different cultures together over the love of food and Jesus that further conversation and relationship-building can begin in our denomination and world.

Listen to new Connectional Ministries podcasts

There are new VAUMC podcasts. Both available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“The VAUMC Connection” is a series of standalone projects that will include news from the conference center, “The Audio Advocate” and a collection of resources and conversations shared by the Connectional Ministries Office. Available on Spotify and Apple.

“1000 Question Christian” is a weekly podcast where clergy are asked off-the-wall questions–anything from weird stories in the Bible to pastoral advice. The first episode, “Dinos, Donkeys, & Doubts,” is live now. Available on Spotify and Apple.

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