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Real Discipleship Survey

Free Discipleship Maturity Measurement Tool

All churches in the Virginia Conference have access to the Real Discipleship Survey online. This system, designed by Phil Maynard of EMC3 Coaching, offers a way for churches to survey their members’ maturity on six dimensions of the discipleship journey. This service is offered to all VAUMC churches free of charge.

The survey measures: a life of worship, a life of hospitality, a life open to Jesus, a life of obeying Jesus, a life of service, and a life of generosity. Upon taking the survey, participants discover if they are exploring, beginning, growing, or maturing in each of those categories.

Instructions for:
Church Participants (pdf)
Pastors/Administrators (pdf)

To access the Real Discipleship Survey, please click here:

For technical issues, please contact Amanda Landry, [email protected]

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