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Bishop Sharma Lewis issued a call to action against systemic racism, May 29, 2020. She wrote, “On Memorial Day, when the world was honoring and remembering all military men and women for their sacrifice to this country, Mr. George Floyd, another African-American man, while handcuffed and in police custody, was pleading for his life. His dying statement, ‘I can’t breathe,’ rings again in my ears just as it did in 2014 when Eric Garner used those same words as he was dying from being held in a chokehold by a New York Police Department officer. As I have reflected since Monday, I find my emotions range from sadness to anger to disbelief.  I ask myself the simple questions – ‘How long, Lord? How long, Lord?'”

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Tuesday Talks: White Supremacy is Sin

The Rev. Jason Stanley is the coordinator of Church Revitalization, Elizabeth River District. He talks with the Rev. Lindsey Baynham, conference director of the Center for Clergy Excellence, on the topic “White Supremacy is Sin.”

You may also view the video on Jason Stanley’s blog site at and subscribe to his newsletter.

The direct link to this video on his site is

Jason with his wife the Rev. Megan Saucier.

Pastor’s granddaughter’s video spotlighting black students goes viral with powerful messages

Kate Gharib is the granddaughter of the Rev. William Richard “Bill” Fisher. Bill passed away April 16, 2020. Bill’s wife, Barbara, shared this story with the conference office for us to share with you. Please take a moment to watch this inspiring piece produced by Kate.

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A Prayer for Racial Justice and Reconciliation from the AAMA

As a community of faith, Asian American Ministers Association (AAMA) wants to respond to the call to action on systemic racism and joins in the prayer for racial justice and reconciliation. May God continue to work in and through us that we may fully reflect God’s grace and actively participate in God’s justice.

Click here to view video of prayer.

A Daily Prayer for Racial Justice and Reconciliation

(The following prayer is offered by the Bishop’s Work Group on Racial Justice and Reconciliation. You are encouraged to pray the prayer daily)

O loving God,
We give you thanks for creating the world which is full of diversity
and for making one human family of all the peoples of the earth.
You reign over all the nations and are seated on your holy throne.
You rule over all the peoples without partiality in respect to nations or races
because righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.
Forgive us for the times when we put walls around us with false pride and racial prejudice.
Forgive us for the times when we were silent in the face of racism, private or institutional.
Open our eyes to see Christ who is in people of every nation and every culture.
Break down the walls that separate us. Set us free from fear, hatred and racism.
Bind us together with the unity of God’s love. Restore oneness to the family of God.
We pray in the name of Jesus who came, lived and died for all humanity.