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Prayer Wall on Facebook

In response to Bishop Sharma Lewis’ Call to Action on May 29 to stop systemic racism, a task force was assembled by Bishop Lewis to begin work that will stem from her initial action steps. This group is a virtual place where clergy and laity of the Virginia Conference can visit and pray for racial justice and reconciliation. In this group, share your written or video prayers or other creative avenues to be prayerful in this space. Prayer and action must go hand in hand to stop systemic racism. This virtual prayer wall can serve as a means of igniting prayer movements toward stopping systemic racism.

1. The purpose of this prayer wall is to allow clergy and laity of VAUMC to pray for racial justice and reconciliation.
2. When you submit your prayer for approval, you are giving permission to post your prayer on this site as well as on the Racial Justice page on the conference website.
3. A written prayer can be up to 250 words or can be an uploaded prayer video that is up to three minutes.
4. Any post will be removed if it contains the following:
· Hyperlinks, ads, or other spam-like content
· Content we deem inappropriate, offensive, or demeaning
· Profanity, accusatory, inflammatory language
· Copyrighted material
· Comments that present a specific political agenda
5. Posts will typically be approved and posted on the wall within 24 hours.


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