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Updated September 2017! A pdf of Memoirs since 1987. Thanks are extended to Bob McDonald-Walker for managing this project. All memoirs published in the Virginia Conference Journal are included (including those from the 2017 Remembrance Service). The document is 492 pages. There is an alphabetical index at the beginning.
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In 1988, W.D. Keene, Jr., of Norfolk, Va., was largely responsible for the publishing of Memoirs -- 200 Years! Soldiers of the Cross, 1785-1987. Prepared with great toil, this large volume consolidated in book form the official Memoirs of Methodist preachers who served the area now known as the Virginia Conference.

Many people, including the Rev. A. Purnell Bailey, felt that this publication should be brought up to date to include the Memoirs of the years since 1987.

This project was directed by William G. Gray, was undertaken in 2004; and the posting of these Memoirs here is the result of labors of Brenda Martin and Judy Showalter, staff members at Randolph-Macon College, and Brenda Capen, webmaster and database manager at the Virginia Conference Center of the United Methodist Church, and former editor of the Journal of the Virginia Annual Conference.

Memoirs - 200 Years: Soldiers of the Cross: 1785-1987

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