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Museum Exhibits

The Patti B. Russell Archives of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Museum Exhibits

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First American-born Methodist traveling preacher, born in Maryland, buried in McLean. On loan from Trinity Church, McLean.

South Brunswick Charge, 1805-2005. Believed to have come from Mason’s Chapel, site of the first conference of Methodism after the 1784 Christmas Conference. Gift of Tabernacle Church and Mr. Roy B. Wright.

rom “Church Hill,” the 1750’s home of William and Ann Adams. About their fireplace gathered the first Methodist society in Fairfax County, a favorite place of Francis Asbury and William Watters. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Macleay, last owners before the 1964 demolition of the house, sited near present 

said to be a copy of a work by Sir Joshua Reynolds, the original destroyed by fire. Gift from the estate of the Rev. Jacob Simpson Payton.

inscribed “William” and “Ann,” belonged to William and Ann Adams. Cups are believed to have stood on this mantel at “Church Hill.” Bequest of Jean Hall Mutersbaugh, a descendant of Sarah Adams Watters, wife of William Watters, first American born Methodist itinerant.

a Virginian. Gift of E. Waugh Dunning, a nephew.

used by Bishops W. W. Peele and Paul Neff Garber, 1938-1965. Gift of the Rev. A. Purnell Bailey, 1996.

 from Union Street Church, Petersburg, predecessor of Washington Street Church and the site of the first General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, May 1846. Gift of the late Rev. Harvey Glauss.

belonged to the Rev. Travis Taylor, 1845-1916. Gift of the late Rev. Louis C. Shearer, 1969.

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