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Common Table Board Chairs

Common Table for Church Vitality
Ted Smith [email protected] (804) 521-1134
Board of Church and Society
James Page  [email protected]  (703) 241-5451
Church Development Team
Church Development Team: Paul Baker [email protected]   804-356-0415  
Board of Discipleship
Board of Discipleship: Kathy Gochenour   [email protected] 571-455-0541
Missional Ministries
Nancy Robinson   [email protected]  804-873-1487
Board of Higher Education
John Dunning [email protected]
Board of Laity
Warren Harper [email protected] (757) 258-4498
Virginia United Methodist Communications
Jill Gaynor  [email protected]  (804) 273-9810
Commission on Disabilities
Neil McLaughlin [email protected]  (434) 589-2142
Commission on Ethnic Minority Concerns and Advocacy
Lyle Morton  [email protected]  (540) 344-0206 and Lori Valentine de Segovia, [email protected] (540) 392-3514
Commission on the Status and Role of Women
Mary Dadisman [email protected]

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