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Special Sundays in 2021

Special Sundays in The United Methodist Church are intended to illustrate the nature and calling of the church and are celebrated annually. Special Sundays are placed on the calendar in the context of the Christian year, which is designed to make clear the calling of the church as the people of God, and to give persons the opportunity to contribute offerings to special programs. Your support is critical to the survival of these important ministries (listed below) and for sharing God’s gifts around the world.

Six General Conference-approved Special Sundays with offerings are listed in boldface type. Special Sundays, or time periods, with Virginia
Conference-approved offerings are marked with an asterisk (*). Other times of special recognition approved by the General Conference and/or
Virginia Conference are also listed.

Men’s Ministry Sunday (any Sunday in the year)

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) Awareness Sunday (any Sunday in the year)

January 17 – Human Relations Day (Sunday before Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday observance)

The month of February – Heart Havens, Inc., Month *

February 7 – Disability Awareness Sunday (First Sunday in February)

March 14 – UMCOR Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent)

April 18 – Native American Ministries Sunday (Third Sunday of Easter)

May 2 – Older Adult Recognition Sunday (First Sunday in May)

May 9-June 20, 2021 – Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Samaritan Program Offering * (Pinnacle Living)

May 23 – Heritage Sunday (Sunday on or preceding Aldersgate Day, May 24)

The month of June – Virginia Annual Conference Offering * – National Hunger Awareness Day recognition during Worship (Any Sunday in June)

The month of September – Christian Education Sunday (Any Sunday in September)

October 3 – World Communion Sunday (First Sunday in October)

October 10 – Children’s Sabbath (Second Sunday in October or any time during the year)

October 17 – Laity Sunday (Third Sunday in October)

November 14 – Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday (Second Sunday in November)

November 28 – United Methodist Student Day (Last Sunday in November)

The month of December – UMFS of Virginia Month*

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