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Older Adult Council

The purpose of the Older Adult Council is to strengthen older adult ministries in the local churches and districts of the annual conference.

The Council offers resources for intentional ministries of the Virginia Conference “providing a place of welcome, spiritual nurture, discipleship and empowerment in ministry to, for, by, and with older adults.”

By our definition, older adults are those persons age 55 and above. However, programs of the Older Adult Council will never be restricted by age – minimum or maximum – as there is always something for each of us to learn and ways for us to grow in our individual and corporate spiritual journeys no matter what our age. We recognize the wave of Baby Boomers are entering older adulthood and have unique needs for discipleship.  We encourage intergenerational ministries. 

Current program offerings:

  • Olde Time Revival (regionally held)
  • Sacred Circle Dance
  • Spiritual Legacy Boxes
  • Older Adults and Their Aging Parents
  • Experiencing God for Older Adults
  • Grief Ministries

Worship Service from Older Adult Council for Older Adult Recognition Sunday, May 2, 2021 

In the United States, we honor older adults, through Older Americans Month each May. To spread the news and to provide pastors with a Sunday “off,” the Older Adult Council will be making available a recorded worship service for churches to use for Sunday, May 2, which is Older Adult Recognition Sunday in The United Methodist Church. 

All churches within the Virginia Conference are invited to support older adult ministries by sending prayers and taking an offering to support ministries with older adults. This year’s offering will go to support Pinnacle Living’s Samaritan Offering. The Samaritan Offering is from Mother’s Day-Father’s Day annualy and your gifts go to ensure the personal security and peace of mind of Pinnacle Living’s most vulnerable residents.   

Learn more about the Samaritan Offering here:

Learn more about the Older Adult Council here:

Learn more about Older Americans Month here:

For more information about the Older Adults Council, contact Nickie Moreno Howard, Associate Director of Learning, (804) 521-1136,, or contact the chair of Council, Suzanne Spencer at