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You have a sphere of influence!

No matter where you live or what your current occupation is, you have a sphere of influence. How are you using your influence to make disciples of Jesus Christ? Let us help you learn more.

Influencing Ministries Office 

The Influencing Ministries Office focuses primarily with congregational development. The office also deals with Lay Servant Ministries, Scouting Ministries, and UM Day at General Assembly. 

The areas of focus for the Influencing Ministries Office are:

  •  Prospective Planters
  •  New Faith Communities
  • Small, Mid-size, and Large Church Initiatives
  • Fresh Expressions
  • Next Level Innovations (NLI)
  •  5 Talent Academy

Associated Boards:

  •  Board of Laity
  • United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Women

For questions or points of contact, you can contact Associate Director of Influence Dwayne Stinson at (804) 521-1135 or . For questions about the Church Development Team, VA Focus 2020, or the Church Extension and Development Fund, contact Administrative Assistant Bev Myers at (804) 521-1134 or

For questions about the United Methodist Men (UMMen), United Methodist Women (UMW) or Scouting Ministries, please contact Administrative Assistant Becky Tate at (804) 521-1139 or

How can you be an influencer? 

You can be a force of change and inspiration in your personal and professional spheres of influence. How will you influence others to be disciples of Christ?  The possibilities are endless. 

Take a look at this video that shared how the Rev. Gary Heaton influenced with his “Downriver Devotions” when he was appointed to the Roanoke District. During the summer, Gary invited his congregation and community outside the church walls and into nature.

Click image for more information about the 2022 in-person United Methodist Day at the General Assembly!

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