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Service for the Ordering of Ministry

This year’s Service for the Ordering of Ministry began with Bishop Sharma Lewis recognizing the classes of 2020 and 2021 that were ordained during the pandemic. “For two years we were unable to gather,” the bishop said. So they were invited to gather for this special moment. She prayed, “Healing God, we thank you for bringing us to this moment in time when we can be together as the body of Christ to recognize the calling upon those who have previously been licensed, commissioned, and ordained. We acknowledge the many lives that have already been changed and blessed through their ministry. Continue to bless them, Almighty God, as they continue forward, making disciples for the transformation of the world. In the precious name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”

The bishop then reaffirmed the baptism of all.


Bishop Lewis, said, “Beloved, I believe that everyone is ‘called” by God.’ I believe that God has a calling on individuals, ministries, and churches. For example, Henry Blackaby, author of the Experiencing God Bible Study series – believes that God is constantly at work around us. He believes that God accomplishes this work through the local churches by communicating God’s will and inviting each church to join in His activity in specific ways. Blackaby concludes that when we hear God’s call and respond appropriately – there will be NO limit to what God can and will do through God’s people.”

She continued, “What we must come to understand is that before we existed on earth. God was shaping you for God’s purpose. God knows us intimately and intricately. ‘To know’ someone intimately means that you have a personal commitment and stake in the relationship. God knows every detail and nuisances about us (the color of your eyes, your hair, your size, your race, your smile, and even your laughter.) God took the time to form each of you precious in His sight despite our faults.”

The bishop said, “Beloved, God is calling all of us to be ‘fully committed to the work of ministry.’ How many of you know that with commitment comes a cost and sacrifice? You have probably never been told that ministry is costly and a sacrifice. The question remains Class of 2022 are you fully committed?”

Read the full sermon by Bishop Lewis here (pdf)

Licensed Local Pastors
Samuel Addo-Donkoh
Matthew Craig At Lee
Scott Bach-Hansen
Shawn M. Cook
Ja’Qwuan Cottman
Gwendolyn Jinelle Oller Hess
Sherry Elaine Hietpas
Charles E. Joseph III
Steven Kidd
Jae Seong Lee
Madison Haley Long
Corey Michael McConville
Mary Elizabeth McGhee-Pasternak
Ashley Nicole Oliver
Joseph Edward Rose
Audrey Denise Smit
Edward Lee Steele
Thomas Hampton Stelzl
Timothy Michal Stockton
Charles Eric Strother – in absentia
Blaine Hunter Thomas
Tina Blount Yates
Teresa Woodworth

Commissioned Provisional Deacons
Megan Noel Collins
Philipp Mohr
Elizabeth Jackson Snader

Commissioned Provisional Elders
Evelyn Morrissey Archer‐Taminger
Sarah Christine Bailey
Devon Michelle Killian Blair
Nilse Furtado-Gilliam
Scott Randall Honaker
Nadeem Khokhar
Hodae Timothy Kim
Carrie Denise Moffitt
Chelsea Ann Morse
Isaiah Jennifer Hyun Jung Park
Penny Gaye Rasnake
Seokchane Suh
Katherine Anne Tomlin
Emily Nicole Turner
Ryan Scott Ware

Recognition of Orders
Hee Won Cho
Intek Oh


Ordained Deacon
Jonathan David Fuller

Ordained Elders
Anthony James Arnold
Timothy Joseph Barth
Jay Lewis Campbell
Dal Teer Hardy, IV
Katherine Carson Phillips
Christopher Charles Watson
Lauren Elizabeth Wright

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