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The following list of Ted Talks was compiled by Andrew Kissell. They explore everything from implicit bias, to cancel culture, to a humorous look at deconstructing racism.

Paying Privilege Forward - Christena Cleveland - Why having 2 college educated parents is such a privilege.


Race is not real, but race matters -- why dialog is so important


How well Integration has worked in the Wake County/ Raleigh, N.C. public schools


Implicit bias- how policies on banking, housing,and education lead to systemic racism

Implicit bias - how negative stereotypes are unconsiously developed


Cancel culture- uses boycotts of celebrities as examples of cancel culture and public shaming via social media


The Directors of "Driving While Black" duscuss the PBS Documentary.
Redlining- Humorous and somewhat sarcastic take on the systemic racism practice of segregation in housing

Gentrification panel talks about the positives and negatives of the process


Gentrification defined and explained


A humorous TED talk on how to decontruct racism using headline sentence structure


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