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Sexual Ethics: Resources

For the most  comprehensive website for victim resources, local church resources, as well as resources for the accused or confused and church leaders, please visit The site is a ministry of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women of The United Methodist Church (UMC) and addresses the issues of sexual misconduct, abuse and harassment by those entrusted with leadership roles in the UMC.

Victim/Survivor Resource

Advocate Web (link is a nonprofit organization providing information and resources to promote awareness and understanding of the issues involved in the exploitation of persons by trusted helping professionals.  They provide a helpful resource for victim/survivors, their family and friends, the general public, as well as for victim advocates and professionals. 


FaithTrust Institute ( )  is an interreligious educational resource addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence. Their goal is to engage religious leaders in the task of ending abuse, and to prepare human services professionals to recognize and attend to the religious questions and issues that may arise in their work with women and children in crisis. Their primary emphasis is on education and prevention.  

Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute    ITSI promotes the prevention of sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment through research, education, and publication.  In areas of sexuality, it offers leadership, gives voice, and facilitates healing to survivors, communities of faith, and offenders, as well as those who care for them.  Hosted by Saint John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota, ITSI has served as an interfaith coalition sponsoring educational events and seeking to help faith communities craft policies related to sexual trauma. 

Virginians Against Domestic Violence ( ) VADV is a coalition of individuals, agencies and organizations committed to the elimination of domestic violence. As a nonprofit membership organization, VADV provides a collective voice for concerned citizens and survivors of family violence throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members share a vision of healthy relationships that are based on dignity and respect. Their site has a rich depth of resources.   If you would like more information regarding family violence and/or sexual assault, contact the Virginia Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline 24/7 at 800.838.8238 (v/tty)


Circuit Rider:  May/June 1999 is titled “Practical Guidance for Ethical Ministry” – this journal for United Methodist clergy contains multiple articles on the issue of clergy ethics with a lead article by guest editor Rebekah Miles. This issue, like other issues of the Circuit Rider is available in Adobe Acrobat® (pdf) format and if found at

Support for Accused Clergy

Associates in Advocacy seek to provide help and information to those who are in need of aid.