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Just Compensation Task Force Report 2024

Why this Task Force was Created?
            At the 2023 Virginia Annual Conference session, a lay member named Ms. Terrie Chaplin (MV) expressed genuine concern about the financial well-being of our clergy, which led the Conference to adopt the amended motion to:

“Amend the report from the Equitable Compensation Committee to increase the minimum salary by $1,000 for full-time clergy in each category for 2024.”

            Out of that same concern, a motion by Rev. Dr. Janine Howard (NV) was passed by the 2023 Conference to create our Task Force when she moved that:

“A work group be created by the Annual Conference to study housing allowances for clergy and make recommendations to create consistent and equitable practices for setting the allowances, further suggest that conference commissions related to advocacy, Clergy Excellence/Board of Ordained Ministry, Equitable Compensation, CFA (and other as deemed necessary) be included in the study.”


The Challenge
            Clergy housing allowances range greatly due to the following factors:
– Geographic location/cost of living
– Years of service
– Salary range
– Finances available within each local church
– Lack of standardization across the conference and across districts


Our Goal
            To review our current housing allowance practices and recommend a new way forward which is equitable to both local churches and clergy.


Below you can read the report and look at the statistical findings.


Report (we will link this later)


Statistical Findings
Average Salary Data

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