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One Matters Award

The Virginia Annual Conference Board of Discipleship takes nominations every year for the “One Matters” award. It is given for significant improvement of baptisms and professions of faith. The award is presented at annual conference. “With the One Matters Discipleship Award, we want to lift up the importance of discipleship and help interpret across the connection what zeros in professions of faith and baptism mean and what moving away from the zeros means,” said Jeff Campbell, Director of Annual Conference Relationships at Discipleship Ministries. “Each “1” in those categories represents a transformed life – a life that matters to God, and a life that should matter to us.”

The award, which includes $1,000 and a One Matters Discipleship Award plaque, will be presented to the pastor and lay leaders of a congregation which has done significant work to make its zeros from previous years become positive numbers. Criteria for the award is a church who has a history of zero baptism’s and zero professions of faith for a minimum of 3-5 years and has significant increases in these two areas in 2017. Nominations should include the historical record which can be verified through Year End Statistics for at least 4-6 years. Included in the application should be a short write-up story of how the church has turned itself around.

For more information contact Becky Tate, or (804) 521-1139