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gc2024 kirk nave

Local church connection and district:
Clergy, Braddock Street United Methodist Church, Shenandoah River District

Guiding scripture leading into General Conference:
Jeremiah 32:6-9

Favorite paragraph of the Book of Discipline (we all have one, right?): 


A brief statement on your call to serve as a delegate:

I feel called to this particular General Conference, and particularly to the Legislative Committee on Conferences, to right the wrong of inequity regarding our structure as a global church. Our current structure is a U.S. – centric structure, which causes all United Methodists outside the United States to amend portions of the Discipline in order to function in their respective contexts. My prayer is that efforts toward regionalization will be approved, and go a long way to right this wrong.

Specific prayer request(s) for the work ahead:

That I may reflect the heart of Christ as best as possible, building meaningful relationships, so that we may all do our best work together.

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