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Deb Angerman

Local church connection and district:
Haymarket Church, NoVa District

Guiding scripture leading into General Conference:
Romans 8:28

Favorite paragraph of the Book of Discipline (we all have one, right?): 

104, Section 3, “The Nature, Design and General Rules of our United Societies” (the Three Simple Rules is one of the main reasons I am still a United Methodist!)

A brief statement on your call to serve as a delegate:

As first lay alternate I am called to be fully present and ready to assist the delegation in any way that they need me. I am still a bit mind-boggled that I am even attending the General Conference, especially at such a time as this. I have spent a good deal of time reading the legislation and my notes so that I can be prepared. I know I will spend much time in prayer, leaning on Christ (and the veteran attendees!) for guidance and direction.  

Specific prayer request(s) for the work ahead:

I pray that our brothers and sisters from lands far from the US are treated with dignity and respect and that we can all keep our focus on Christ.

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