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Heritage: Writers Guidelines

Click here to download a pdf copy of the guidelines 

To Publish in HERITAGE:  What You Need to Know

Subject: History of the Virginia United Methodist Conference

Article Type: Scholarly with bibliography and footnotes or endnotes—Academic quality, but not in academic writing style

Focus on: The people! History is about people.
• The conflicts and tragedies in their lives; their goals and noble causes.
• How did people feel, think, act, and react before, during and after historical events, whether
 those events were caused personally or externally?
• What were the people’s strengths and weaknesses? Good and bad qualities?
• What obstacles did they, or did they not, overcome?

• We do publish articles focusing on places, events, and things of import, not people. Articles must show how the places, events, and things affected people and what people thought and felt and how they responded.

Queries, Articles, and Publication:
• Submit queries and articles, MS Word or PDF, to [email protected] . We  welcome all.
• Articles average 2,000-4,000 words; shorter and longer articles when warranted.
• Published in May and November
• 6-12 months minimum for unsolicited manuscripts to be published.
• We publish original articles, excerpts from papers, books and theses as well as reprints and talks rewritten for publication.

Writing Process:
 • Queries—
      1) Author tells his/her interest in subject;
      2) Editor tells what about subject is good for HERITAGE;
      3) They agree on article’s focus.

• Articles—
       1) Publication editor reads first draft then tells author needed changes and/or ways  to improve;
       2) Publication editor copyedits and proofs, and then asks the author to approve or
            revise based upon editor’s work;
       3) Print editor does minor copyediting and proofing necessary prior to publication;
            author gets final approval and one more opportunity to revise his/her article.

Payment: Free copies

Please click here to read the sample issue provided by this Web site (pdf)

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