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AGCC Mentor Information

Mentor Flyer (coming soon)

Who are the campers? We serve children whose mother and/or father are incarcerated.  Usually, these children are living with extended family members or just one parent.

What do mentors do? Volunteer adults ages 17 and up come to spend the week at camp with one or two campers. Mentors do not lead activities, but provide supervision, companionship and compassion to the children. They assure the children that God loves and cares about them in the midst of their struggles. Training begins promptly at 9 AM on Sunday of camp.  Clean up is usually finished by 4 pm on Friday.  After camp, mentors agree to maintain contact with their campers during the year.

What is the cost?  Camp is funded by generous gifts to the Virginia United Methodist Church.  Mentors are responsible for their travel to and from camp.  There are no further cost associated with the gift of your time for these children.

What do I do to sign up?  First, pray. Next, completely fill it out and return all forms no later than June 1.

What does a typical day look like? A typical camp day includes:  breakfast, three camp activities, lunch, rest time, three camp activities, dinner, evening activity, devotions, and bedtime.  Camp activities include swimming, nature, crafts, Bible study, boating, fishing, ropes course, and lots more

After the application is submitted, we will follow up with additional forms.

You are expected to participate in all activities throughout the week. It is an intense, yet extremely rewarding experience.  You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been received.

You will receive details about camp such as what to pack, training schedule, and directions.  The camp director will notify you the age of the campers you will be mentoring.

If you have further questions, please call Lori Smith at (571) 245-9591 or email us

Click here to download and view Basic Safe Sanctuary Training PowerPoint

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