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Scout Challenge Coins

Our Conference Scouting Ministry is proud and honored to be the first to promote this brand new fund raising opportunity to support our ministry to youth.  We are now live for our 100th Anniversary UMC-BSA Challenge Coins!  They are simply beautiful.  Donate now and get one, or more, for yourself and those you know who honor our movement and ministry to youth in our churches!  All proceeds go to our scouting ministry.

 Make this the first gift of 2021!  We are building, growing, expanding…taking the lead on so many fronts.  We are honored and humbly proud to present the 100th Anniversary of the relationship of the Boy Scouts and the United Methodist Church!

All donations support and grow our ministry to our churches and to the youth that pass through our doors.

Get a coin for your pocket.  I have one!  Then donate more to get for others or for your church, your scout leaders or for your district.  Perhaps get a set of all three to present to supporting our ministry.   Donate to get a coin for the one who recruited you to be a scout or to be a leader or if you have a son/grandson or daughter/granddaughter in Scouting.   

Don’t tarry!  Quantities are limited!

Go to:

Blessings to all in the Virginia Conference!

Serving HIM Through Youth Outreach Ministries,
Bill Chaffin 

UMC Virginia Conference – Ministry of Scouting Coordinator 


We invite all in the Virginia Conference to lead the nation in supporting the anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and the United Methodist Church. We have just released these awesome coins for donations to our ministry. For an array of donation levels we are offering a 100th Anniversary Challenge Coin.  We have a bronze border, a silver border, or a gold plated border for different giving levels. You can also donate $125 and receive the entire 3 coin set!  100 percent of the donation goes to our national Scouting Ministry program.

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