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Partnerships of Hope:


After decades of war, genocide and suffering, the country is healing and growing. The church played a major role in offering the transforming love of Jesus Christ to rebuild trust and hope. Virginia Conference has partnered with this young church, through Initiatives of Hope, now Partnerships of hope, by sending Volunteer in Mission Teams and financial support. The role Virginia played in helping this young church in becoming an independent Methodist church has been appreciated and will continue.

Partnerships of Hope Cambodia team works closely with the Cambodia Initiatives of the GBGM.

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Missionaries Serving Cambodia: Andrew Soon Lee, Hele de Leon Camarce

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Partnerships of Hope

Partnerships of Hope challenges and resources the Virginia Conference to cultivate a mutuality of mission with our Partner countries. 
Through this mutual partnership, we expect awareness of the others to be heightened, sustainability is sought, understanding of the ministry context is dependent, and relationships flourish. 
POH also facilitates mutual partnerships in mission among the local churches, as they become the engine of overseas missions for the Virginia Conference. 
As partners in God’s mission, together, we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World. 

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