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Cabinet Policies

Through the years, the Virginia Conference Cabinet has been establishing and perfecting these policies in response to various issues as they arise. This site also provides helpful tools and directives from the Center for Clergy Excellence.   

You are welcome to read and copy any of these documents as they provide insight to your needs.  They will be updated and additional policies provided as needed. 

If you find corrections necessary, please contact the Assistant to the Bishop, or Director of  the Center for Clergy Excellence for assistance.

Accountable Reimbursement Policies (Word)
Annual Conference Election of Alternate Lay Member (pdf)
Joint Pastor-SPRC Appointment Preference Form (Word)
Appointment Review for Pastors (Word)
Associate Pastors (Word)
Audit Guidelines for Local Churches (Word)
Cell Phone Towers – IRS Response (pdf)
Cell Phone Towers – Communications Response (pdf)
Cell Phone Towers – GCFA Response (pdf)
Charge Formation Standards (Word)
Church Security (pdf)
Clergy Medical Leave Procedures 
Clergy Sick Leave Guidelines (pdf)
Clergy Vacation Policy for 2020/2021 (pdf)
Complaint Procedures (Word)
Consultation Form for Limited Itineracy (Word) Updated November 2016
Credit Card Policy, Church (Word)
Employee/Volunteer Credit Card Guidelines (pdf)
Expectations of Pastoral Leadership (pdf)
Extension Ministry Appointment (Full and Provisional Elder, Associate Member, Local Pastor) (pdf)
Extension for Deacons as Appointment Beyond the Local Church (Full and Provisional) (pdf)
Incorporation of Local Church (Word)
Lawsuits Against Clergy (Word)
Lay Supply Pastor and Certified Lay Minister Guidelines (pdf)
Licensed Local Pastors and Weddings (pdf)
Local Pastors and the Walk to Emmaus (Word)
Military Chaplains Mobilization Procedures (Word)
Military Chaplains Mobilization Procedures (pdf)
Ministers of Other Christian Denomination Appointment  
Moving Day – Transitions Guidelines Booklet (pdf)
Moving Day – Policy at the Time of Change of Pastor (Word)
Moving Day – Guidelines for Moving Expenses (Word)
Online Worship Attendance Guidelines (pdf)
Parsonage – Annual Review Form (Word) 
Parsonage – Checklist for Leaving Parsonage (Word) 
Parsonage – Clergy Housing Guidelines (Word)
Parsonage – Inventory Form (Word) 
Parsonage – Minimum Standards for the Parsonage (Word) 
Parsonage – Policy at the Time of Change of Pastors (Word) 
Parsonage – Request Form to Sell Parsonage (Word)
Parsonage – Support Committee (Word)
Pastoral Transition Guidelines (pdf)
Readmission Procedures (pdf)
On Loan, Transfer from Other Methodist Denomination 
On Loan, Transfer from Other UM Conference

Pastor’s Compensation Recommendation (pdf)
     Cabinet Policy on Clergy Salary Increases – Updated Sept. 2021 (pdf)
Salaries of First Time Appointments (Word)
Salary of Retired – Hired by Local Church (Tax Status of) (Word)
Salary Pay Schedule (Word)
Salary Reduction (Midyear) (Word)
Salaries (clergy taking salary reduction in lieu of tithe) (Word)
Sales Tax Exemption (Word)
Sexual Ethics
Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee    
Vacation Policy (Word)
Wedding Guidelines (pdf)
Work Load (Word) 
What Clergy Should do when a Lawsuit is Filed (Word)