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Virginia FOCUS Initiative

Virginia Focus 2020 is now Virginia Focus Initiative

Virginia FOCUS Initiative is a ministry of the Virginia Annual Conference that seeks to strengthen the Black church. Virginia FOCUS 2020 began in 2017 as a three-year initiative to provide training, coaching, and support for strong African-American United Methodist churches in the Virginia Conference. The goals of the program were:

  • transforming existing African-American churches through training, coaching and mentoring;
  • establishing new churches and faith communities of all sizes; and
  • assisting the Virginia Conference in urban strategic planning.

Virginia FOCUS Initiative centers Black voices and experiences while lifting up training events and issues that will assist all clergy and laity in areas of mission focus, generative stewardship, faithful evangelism, digital media, and community engagement. Virginia FOCUS Initiative invites disciples to learn through events that focus on the message of the Gospel, to influence others through their use of technology and community outreach, and to serve as churches reach out into their communities through missional partnerships. As we live through the effects and realities brought on by the pandemic that disrupted our complacency and norms, we have a unique opportunity to come together, learn together, and grow together. Every person with concern for what is next for you and/or your role in ministry must make every effort to participate in this groundbreaking (virtual) event.

Defining FOCUS


F– Fellowship

Coming together with others who are interested in or committed to being in integral and supportive relationships that brings life to all included.

O-Opportunities for Ministry

Discerning pathways that take all of us out of our buildings and into the communities God has called us to serve. Letting go of all that is not serving the mission so that we can fulfill the Great Commission.

C-Celebrate, Cultivate, Connect, and Contribute

Championing successes and learning from failures so that we grow stronger and can go far beyond where we would ever consider or try going on our own.


Being present in times of plenty and in times of want. Knowing every person or community does not exist in perfect harmony, nor should any perspective seek to dominate another, dismiss others or demean anyone. Being able to disagree, but not to be disagreeable.


Giving of who we are to the world – trusting our experiences and expectations will rise to meet the challenges and opportunities we face.

Influencing Ministries Office 

The Influencing Ministries Office focuses primarily with congregational development. The office also deals with Lay Servant Ministries, Scouting Ministries, and UM Day at General Assembly. 

    For questions or points of contact, you can contact Associate Director of Influence Dwayne Stinson at (804) 521-1135 or [email protected] . For questions about the Church Development Team, VA Focus 2020, or the Church Extension and Development Fund, contact Administrative Assistant Becky Tate at (804) 521-1139 or [email protected]

    Minding Our Spiritual Business and Sacred Duties

    Video Content offered May 22, 2021

    Click here to watch the videos offered 

    To receive CEU credit (.7 CEUs) for participating virtually, contact Dwayne Stinson at [email protected].

    Free ebook, Building a Powerful Team, available here


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