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 The Post-Covid Re-entry Group (PRG) continues to find ways to assist local churches in their effort to relaunch!
Connecting with local churches through webinar format is most effective. Therefore, PRG is hosting a monthly Wednesday afternoon webinar series, which is recorded and posted on the website for future viewing for church leaders who are not able to attend afternoon sessions.  

See previous webinar recordings and information at bottom of page.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 1-2:30 p.m. 

Bringing Hope to the World – Preparing for Advent 

Advent is a time to present hope to the world. Immanuel, Christ with us, brings hope to the lost and weary. How is your church preparing for Advent? We will invite other churches to share their Advent plans, as we also listen to the conversation between the Rev. John Obang and the Rev. Tony Arnold of their experience of ‘Online Discipling.’  

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Sept. 29 Webinar - A Time to Heal; Preparing for our churches to heal & All Saints Sunday
Sept. 8 Webinar - How ‘Simple Church’ can help in Relaunching

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Sept. 1 Webinar - What does Relaunch Mean for the Small Church?

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Reclaiming Rural: Discount Code for Allan’s Book, RLFANDF30 will get a 30% discount when ordering directly from the publisher. 

Relaunch Small Church Powerpoint


Aug. 25 Webinar - Preparing for a Post-COVID World


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National Attendance Report


Books mentioned:  

 e-Vangelism: Creating and Implementing a Social Media Ministry for Outreach

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters


Special Training on September 25, 2021

A conversation with pastors and deacons who have started impactful ministries over the past year on the following platforms: TikTok, podcasts, self-made apps, Geneva Chat, Twitch, Discord, Mighty Networks, Facebook Groups as a separate faith community and hashtag movements, along with looking more deeply at the theology of digital ministry and the reality of parasocial relationships.


Additional Resources 

•Stovall UMC- Radcliffe, KY- 57 AWA before covid- over 100 worship each week online with more in person:

•Two Rivers Church- Charleston, SC- 81 before worship now 200-400 in online worship

•Epworth UMC- Worcester, MA- 55 before covid- 70 worship live stream plus in-person attendance

•North Olmsted UMC- North Olmsted, OH- 86 before covid and over 400 watched their first service, still averaging over 100 views. for ideas on churches continuing online worship…

July Webinar - Back-to-church and Back-to-school