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The Samaritan Program at Pinnacle Living

The Samaritan Program is a benevolent mission at Pinnacle Living that provides financial assistance to residents who have outlived their monetary resources and, through no fault of their own, can no longer afford the full cost of their care. Benevolent assistance has been given in Pinnacle Living communities since 1948, the year the organization was founded.

You can have a vital role in the continuation of this legacy through a gift to the Samaritan Program. 100 percent of contributions to the Samaritan Program are tax-deductible and go directly to the financial support of residents in need and are not used for operational, capital, or administrative costs. All gifts to the Samaritan Program are tax-deductible gifts and help us ensure the personal security and peace of mind for our most vulnerable residents.

Chapel at The Hermitage in Richmond

Pinnacle Living Partnership with the Virginia Conference

By the Rev. RJ Jun, Associate Director of Serving

Pinnacle Living. You must have heard about the name, with all the merchandise we received from the Annual Conference in the times we actually met in person! Can you believe that it has been three and a half years since Pinnacle changed its name from Virginia United Methodist Homes? For me, however, other than the fact that I would visit Hermitage Roanoke from time to time, Pinnacle Living was another paragraph in the Book of Reports.

Pinnacle Living started as a ministry of the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Church in 1948. Despite the name change, I still knew that our conference was in a close relationship with Pinnacle Living, but that was as far as my understanding extended. It wasn’t until I had the privilege to walk around Cedarfield and Hermitage Richmond’s campuses, did I understand the fantastic partnership we had with this organization and how they are living out the call to incarnate God’s love to God’s people. More…

Communication Ideas to Promote the 2021 Samaritan Offering

Pinnacle Living has provided resources to assist local churches in communicating information about the Samaritan Offering.

Ideas in pdf file
Ideas in Word file
PowerPoint Presentation

Older Adult Sunday is May 9

Worship Service Provided from Older Adult Council for Older Adult Recognition Sunday

To spread the news of Older Adult Sunday and to provide pastors with a Sunday “off,” the Older Adult Council is with this link making available a recorded worship service for churches to use to commemorate Older Adult Sunday. The service is about 43 minutes long but can be revised to fit local needs.  

 The service uses the lectionary for Sunday, May 9. However, the service, or any part that the local church may find useful, may be used throughout May and June.   All churches within the Virginia Conference are invited to support older adult ministries by sending prayers and taking an offering to support ministries with older adults. This year’s offering will go to support Pinnacle Living’s Samaritan Offering. The Samaritan Offering is from Mother’s Day-Father’s Day annually and your gifts go to ensure the personal security and peace of mind of Pinnacle Living’s most vulnerable residents.

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