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GBGM Mission Volunteers

Mission Volunteers are individuals or couples (ages 18 and up) who seek more extended partnerships with communities around the world and fund themselves. The length of service ranges from two months to more than two years. Mission Volunteer opportunities range from working with refugees, children, and youth to serving as a teacher, pastor, camp director, or health care professional.
VAUMC Partnerships of Hope encourages conference members to consider being trained and available for service worldwide. Are you in a stage of transition in your life? Graduating from school or entering retirement? Or are you in need of a sabbatical? Mission Volunteers training may be an excellent opportunity to discover a renewed joy in your life.

For VAUMC members attending the upcoming training, Partnerships of Hope will support a portion of the travel cost to participate in the training.
For more information, contact Missional Engagement Ministries.


 Applications are reviewed by a panel and chosen applicants attend a virtual interview. Selected volunteers must commit to a three-day training before leaving for their placement site. Applications are due two months before trainings commence.

Upcoming Training

Date: November 8-11, 2023

Location: Franciscan Center, Tampa, FL

Application should be sent through GBGM.

Missional Engagement Ministries will provide assistance throughout the process.

ContactMissional Engagement Ministries for more information.

NOTE: You will be asked to create an account to apply.


Next Training
What happens at the training?

Mission Volunteer training will provide information on how to prepare for the trip, and theological understanding of mission during your commitment. 

Am I obligated to be sent after the training?

After being trained, you can accept an invitation to serve as a Mission Volunteer for up to 5 years. Training is an opportunity to explore and discern the call to serve overseas for an extended period.

What is the cost for training?

There is a registration cost for the training through GBGM. Travel cost to the training location is a personal responsibility. VAUMC Partnerships of Hope is committed to supporting the travel cost for members of the VAUMC joining the training.

Where and when will I be sent as a Mission Volunteer

Similar to the appointment process, GBGM will determine placement and reach out to the trained Mission Volunteer. If you sense the call from God, and circumstances allow, you will start the preparation and be ready to embark on the journey of serving as a Mission Volunteer.

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