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Welcome to Mission 101

Mission 101 is a resource for all churches to find ways to share how we understand the why of mission.

Mission 101 is a two-part Bible study to help understand the Biblical meaning of Missio Dei (Mission of God) and how we are to continue our mission through connection. Mission 101 will also become the framework for a district/local church-level Mission Encounter as an extension to the annual Mission Encounter training event sponsored by Virginia United Women in Faith and the VAUMC Missional Ministries Board

We appreciate your commitment to God’s mission. We are thankful for your serving heart! 

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The Mission of God’s People

Christopher J. H. Wright

The Mission of God’s People explains the Biblical understanding of mission and the meaning of Blessing for Christians. In this thought-provoking and insightful work, Christopher Wright, an esteemed theologian and missiologist, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and living out the mission of God in the world today. Drawing from the entirety of Scripture, Wright presents a biblical theology of mission that challenges conventional perspectives and invites believers to embrace their role in God’s redemptive plan.

“The Mission of God’s People” is not merely a theoretical treatise on missiology; it is a call to action, a passionate plea for Christians to align their lives with God’s purposes. Christopher Wright’s words resonate with urgency and conviction, reminding us that we are a part of a much larger story—a story of God’s love and redemption for all people. This book will challenge, inspire, and equip readers to live faithfully and meaningfully as participants in the mission of God, embodying His heart for the nations and seeking His kingdom on earth.

Faithful Witnesses – United Methodist Theology of Mission

John Edward Nuessle

At its core, the United Methodist Church believes in the transformative power of God’s love and grace, and it recognizes that this love calls believers to actively engage in the world, advocating for justice, mercy, and compassion. The book delves into the theological tenets that guide the Methodist understanding of mission, emphasizing the Wesleyan heritage that influences the church’s beliefs and practices. Grounded in Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience, the United Methodist theology of mission weaves together these threads to form a tapestry of faith that calls upon the church to be agents of transformation and reconciliation.

“Faithful Witnesses” explores the historical context that has shaped the United Methodist Church’s mission theology, highlighting significant moments, influential figures, and the theological reflections that emerged throughout the church’s journey. It traces the evolution of Methodist mission theology, from the early circuit riders spreading the Gospel across the American frontier to the contemporary challenges and opportunities faced by the Methodist movement around the world.

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