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In response to many requests across the conference for information and resources surrounding the U.S. Immigration Policy and how people of faith can respond, the Virginia Conference Immigration Outreach Team shares the following links.  Some are from United Methodist resources as well as other organizations dedicated to working with Immigrants and Refugees in the United States.
Faith and Facts Card on Immigration in the United States
Faith and Facts Card about global migration and refugees.
Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Community.

Sanctuary Not Deportation: A Faithful Witness to Building Welcoming Communities (pdf)
    As the faith community, we are called to accompany our community members, congregants and neighbors facing deportation.

Resources from the Immigration Summit
Agenda (pdf)
Introduction (PowerPoint)
Immigration Process (PowerPoint)
Current Events (PowerPoint)
Advocacy for Immigrants and Refugees (PowerPoint)
Link to “Know Your Rights”

Dr. Carlos A. Liceaga, P.E.
Immigration Outreach Committee Chair
[email protected]
757-768-2223 cell

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