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General Conference 2024

After a four-year delay, the 2020 General
Conference will take place April 23-May 3,
2024 in Charlotte, NC.

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Click here to view a list of names for the Virginia Conference Delegation.


General Conference news and information from Virginia Conference Communications,
featuring local clergy and laity. New resources will be added weekly through early May.

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Intro to General Conference

NEWS from the Delegation

VAUMC General Conference Delegation Endorses Christmas Covenant Regionalization Plan.


The VAUMC General Conference Delegation unanimously supports the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan as the wisest and most hopeful way forward for the United Methodist Church. At the June 2023 Annual Conference, the General Conference Delegation made a short presentation on this matter. The Virginia Annual Conference then voted to endorse the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan as well.

In September 2023, the authors of the Christmas Covenant joined with the Connectional Table and the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters to submit updated regionalization legislation for General Conference. This updated plan will be considered at General Conference 2024. If this regionalization plan passes, Annual Conferences will have to vote to ratify the resultant constitutional amendments. We, the General Conference delegation, are grateful that the Virginia Annual Conference voted to endorse the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan in advance of the 2024 General Conference.

Regionalization FAQs

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Virginia Conference Delegation
Click here to view a list of names for the Virginia Conference Delegation.

What is the General Conference?

General Conference news and information from UM News, the official news agency of The United Methodist Church.

A beginner’s guide to General Conference

The United Methodist Church has no pope.

But it does have a General Conference — the only body that can set official policy and speak for the international denomination[…]

Think of the two-week gathering as a combination of a United Nations General Assembly, a U.S. congressional session and a time of rousing Christian worship.

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Ask The UMC: What is regionalization?

If you are in or around United Methodist leadership circles, you may have heard the word “regionalization” more frequently in recent months. In this series, Ask The UMC will explore the ways that regionalization already exists for central conferences and the

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Looking ahead to General Conference next year

By Heather Hahn Dec. 18, 2023 | CHARLOTTE, N.C. (UM News)

After a four-year delay, the next General Conference is rapidly approaching in just over four months. With time of the essence, the commission that plans The United Methodist Church’s top lawmaking assembly met

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General Conference FAQs

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All of the legislation which was properly submitted in September 2019 for the 2020 General Conference is still properly before the body for consideration at the April 23-May 3, 2024 General Conference session.

The Judicial Council, the top court of the UMC, determined that any postponement of the General Conference would reset the submission deadlines for proposed legislation. Additional legislation was therefore allowed to be submitted, with a deadline of September 2023. The newly submitted petitions and new, updated reports from the denomination’s general agencies were then organized by legislative committee and translated into multiple languages. They were released in January 2024 and will be considered by the body alongside the originally submitted legislation. Learn more here.

The next General Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC from April 23-May 3, 2024.

This will depend in part on the legislation before the General Conference body. Normal General Conference sessions include a week of legislative committees prior to the General Conference body meeting together as a whole.

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