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The VAUMC Connection is launching a new podcast!

The Wednesday Wisdom: Sermons from Last Week!
Did you give a sermon and want to give it a second life? VAUMC is looking for your sermons to post as podcasts each week. It will be a chance to bring the Word to the mid-week slump between Sundays, but also give a spotlight to the hard work VAUMC pastors put in for Sunday mornings!

There will be a bunch of submissions so we will let you know when your sermon is posted.

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New Devotion Podcast launches

Need a spiritual boost? The VAUMC Connection podcast is launching a new podcast and the first episode is out NOW! Join the VAUMC Order of Deacons on Mondays of each week as we center ourselves with a weekly 3-5 min. devotional including but not limited to lectionary scriptures, prayers, & positive messages! Listen below…

Listen to conference podcasts

“The VAUMC Connection” is a series of standalone projects that will include news from the conference center, “The Audio Advocate” and a collection of resources and conversations shared by the Connectional Ministries Office. Available on Spotify and Apple.

Staff/Board recommended resources:

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Local Church UMC Marketing Aids

With United Methodist Communications, churches may be offered services such as social media consultation and audits, website development & SEO optimization, advertising, branding/logo assistance, stationery and business card design and much more.

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Ask for social media/technology help!

Join the Board of Communications on the Resource Hub Facebook group to share information and resources about various topics related to church communications, technology, discipleship, and more

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Find podcasts in the Virginia Conference

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Find resourcing blogs

Find blogs from Connectional Ministries offices surroding mission, church planting, new technology and more. Find blogs…

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Licensing and Copyright Information

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Hitchhiker's Guide to streaming with YouTube and Facebook Live

promotional flyer for Phil Bowdle March 5, 2022 digital ministry event

Have Copyright Questions?

Has your church struggled to understand the differences between CCLI and CCS licenses? Do you want to learn more about royalty free music or getting permission from artists to use their music? Learn more about copyright concerns and best practices on a special VAUMC Connection podcast episode with Hunter Bryn, conference Digital Media Specialist, and Megan Seals Dietrick Floris UMC Director of Modern Worship and Ministry Innovations Director. Find episode…


Learn more about copyright and fair use with this recent blog post.

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Find Graphics with UMCOM

Find graphics for your church’s social media and more with UMCOM

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Start a conversation

A video series created in the hope that by bringing people of different cultures together over the love of food and Jesus that further conversation and relationship-building
can begin in our denomination and in our world. Learn more…

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Need pictures?

United Methodist Communications, which includes United Methodist News Service, has a vast collection of professional images taken by their photographers and church partners available for use by United Methodist churches and agencies. Learn more…

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Curriculum focused on addressing racism

The Virginia Roots, Race, and Discipleship curriculum is a first step to address racism in the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. This series includes videos and interviews that acknowledge and document Virginia’s role in forming and continuing race prejudice and racial discrimination embedded in law, customs, and institutions, including the Church. Learn more…

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