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Conference Nominations Team

The Conference Nominations Team, in conjunction with District Nomination Facilitation committees, has begun the work of finding those who are interested in serving on conference boards and agencies.  If you are interested in serving, fill out a Nomination Profile form (link below).

All nomination profile forms must be sent to the appropriate District office for approval, and must be received (from the districts) in the office of Connectional Ministries by March 1.

Nominations Facilitation Committee Profile Form

 Click here for a pdf document to print and fill out 
Click here for Word document to save to computer, fill out, e-mail 
  (If a security notice pops up, click on “Enable Macros”) 

2021 Vacancies (pdf)

 Information About the Boards
CEMCA (Commission on Ethnic Minority Concerns and Advocacy)  (pdf)
Church and Society (pdf)
Church Development Team (pdf)
Communications (pdf)
COSROW (pdf)
Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) (pdf)
Disabilities (pdf)
Board of Discipleship (pdf)
Equitable Compensation (pdf)
Higher Education & Campus Ministry (pdf)
Missional Ministries (pdf)
Older Adult Council (pdf)
Rules Committee (pdf)
Trustees (pdf)
UM Foundation (pdf)
Virginia UM Pensions (pdf)
Youth Council (CCYM) (pdf)