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Communications Resources

Need help in organizing a communications plan for your church? Listed below are documents you can download and links to online resources that can assist with communications ministries in your church. Resources include handouts on “Best Practices” compiled by the Virginia Conference Communications Board, communications training resources, copyright information and resources for website design and hosting. For more information, contact Madeline White at 1-800-768-6040, ext. 113, or (804) 521-1113; e-mail

Best Practices for…
Click here to download a guide to best practices for your local church including…
Church Communications       
Web Hosting and Web Design     
Church emails and marketing 

Training: available upon request at

UMCom Communications Training — Click here for Church Communications Training resources from United Methodist Communications

Local church websites

The Virginia Conference does not offer website hosting services.

Website hosting, development from UMCom — United Methodist Communications (UMCom) offers website hosting and development services which are built on WordPress and include various affordable plans. Visit to find out more or call 1-888-346-3862. Basically, there are three plans offered – only one is completely free. Go to to see the three plans and pricing.

Discounted software and hardware  — Through its online Tech Shop, UMCom offers software, hardware and Web solutions at discounted prices for United Methodist churches and ministries. Click here for more information. The following website development software is featured:

E-zekiel — UMCom offers, through a partnership with Praktikos Technologies, website designs and hosting to United Methodist churches and organizations at significantly reduced cost. The “E-Zekiel” Web solution creates high-quality websites with no technical expertise. Visit for more information. Church webmasters have a choice of more than 250 website templates — high quality graphical designs that give a website its look and feel. Content is added through a Web interface that operates like a simple word processor. Other than a computer and access to the Internet, no software or technical skills are required.

Online web ministry training — Click here for information about customized, instructor-led online courses for building a dynamic website for your church.