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During the morning plenary on Wednesday, May 1, the General Conference body removed The United Methodist Church’s ban on the ordination of clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” with approval at 93% amongst other legislation on the Consent Calendar. Read full story on UM News. 

Following the vote, Bishop Sue said, “I am grateful that The United Methodist Church has removed provisions from church law that have done great harm to a group of people made in the image of God and called by God to ministry. I am also grateful that our Book of Discipline is now written in a way that includes and welcomes all people, whether they characterize themselves as progressive, centrist, or traditionalist. 

“We remain one in service to Christ, sent forth in mission  in his name, as agents of his amazing grace and sacrificial love.” 

In reaction to the vote, alternate delegate Rev. Leigh Anne Taylor told the personal story of her former husband coming out and what this news means to her, her family, and the larger Church. 

“This day, today, opens a door for healing of that wound, that deep wound that we’ve carried for decades now in my family,” Taylor said. 

For years, her children asked why she stayed United Methodist, and Taylor stated she wanted to be part of the change. 

“I wanted to be part of the change that made a way for our family to be reconciled and our Church to be reconciled. If God could do it in our family, God could do it for the whole Church and today, I feel that God has heard our prayers,” Taylor said. 

View video reaction from May 1 morning plenary session. 

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