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October 9, 2023

At the Special Called Annual Conference on October 7, 2023, Bishop Sue shared the following regarding the erupting war in the Holy Land, “We awoke this morning to news from Israel and our own divisions seem minor compared to the huge strife that some of the world is experiencing now. I think of my many friends, Palestinian and Israeli over there, especially a group I know in Bethlehem, and I fear for them this morning. I’ve asked District Superintendent Victor Gomez to come and offer a prayer on behalf of that strife and the strife that the division that marks our world sadly. And so Victor, please offer a prayer for all of us.” 

Victor Gomez then prayed, “Thank you, Bishop. Let us bow our heads and let us pray. Come, Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come. Gracious God, none of us like conflict, especially when there is nation against nation. God, we pray for your peace, the peace that only you can provide for a ceasefire, God. Especially, we lift up those who are directly affected, those who are suffering the consequences of the actions of those governments. We lift them up into your hands and care. God, what better hands to be than yours.

Bring your shalom upon the people of Palestine and Israel. Bring your shalom. Your peace may be done. Guide them, lead them and pour out your Holy Spirit on each one of those who are affected by those who are making decisions at high levels. Protect them, those the most vulnerable God. We come today as brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for peace, your peace. Your peace will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you God, and be with us and forgive us and forgive those who have trespassed. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.” 

October 9, 2023: To learn more about the call for de-escalation of conflict and the respect for human rights, please click HERE.

October 9, 2023: To read the press release from the Council of Bishops, “United Methodist Church Bishops condemn violence in the Middle East, call for prayer and action”, please click HERE

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